Here is a collection of the various series I have preached through, in an easy to browse list. The current events series contains a variety of things, including sermons specifically responding to something that happened in the world, as well as things specific to the Dewey church and community. This page will be updated as I go back through the archives.

Note: the sermons appear in reverse order; the last sermon in each series is the first entry. If you want to start at the beginning, scroll all the way to the bottom. I can’t quite figure out how to change this.

This is a collection of sermons aimed specifically at the congregation, scattered throughout the last several years. Some of these are applicable to all Christians, but some are much more specifically focused for the Dewey Church of Christ.
This set of sermons addresses various things that have happened in our country. They were preached close to the events they discuss, over the last few years.